With nearly 40 years of groundbreaking pursuits in the active and lifestyle industry, Stream Empire Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is a multinational corporation that continues to strive for excellence in expanding their retail business and commercial activities across South East Asia region, cultivating their philosophy: 

“Teamwork is the key to success”

Based in Malaysia, Stream Empire Holdings Sdn. Bhd. now has more than 60 retail outlets across the region, driven by over 100 highly motivated and professional individuals working closely together with global partners in empowering long-lasting relationships to become Asia’s leading active and lifestyle brand.


To be the leading distributor that bridges the gap between brands around the world to consumers in South East Asia


■ To be a trendsetter in the industry

■ Offering excellent shopping experience by providing quality products and services


Like yin and yang, we work together in synergy. Together, we uplift our strengths as well as empower our shortcomings to create a workflow that leads us to success.


Every effort counts, no matter who you are. Behind every successful company, is a dedicated team.


We value each and everyone’s differences, we value every skill. We embrace an open environment and encourage an open two-way communication.


Striving for the highest possible standards is our top priority. We want to make sure that we deliver the best of our services and products to you.


Everyone is empowered to make decisions. We are passionate in what we do and therefore it’s our responsibility that we ensure it’s delivered in the utmost manner and remain true to our actions.


We take the initiative to improve ourselves and our works because we care about what we do.


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Fax +603 2710 7968

Address Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

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